ESTECH Beating Heart Surgery Devices Achieve Key Milestone

Heart Surgery Devices“Ramzi Deeik, M.D. of Queen of the Valley Hospital at Napa Valley Medical Center in Napa, Calif., was the first surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area to perform the ESTECH-style procedure, on an 86-year-old patient.

Dr. Deeik used the Da Vinci Robot by Intuitive Surgical, Inc. to isolate the left internal mammary artery for use as a bypass graft through three 10-millimeter ports. The ESTECH Access and Stabilization System were inserted into another small incision, or “window”, between the ribs, allowing him to bypass a blockage in the left anterior descending (LAD) coronary artery without stopping the heart.

Commenting on the procedure, Dr. Deeik said, “ESTECH technology that allows surgeons to perform heart surgery on a beating heart through a two-inch incision provides great benefits to patients, reducing complications and recovery times.”